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December 2nd, 2007 by admin

I love white chicks! I like fuck their twats with my huge (14 inch!!! ) cock!

Some girls think that it unnormal that i cum with seas of sperm, but thwy like it!

And can find all my sex adventures, on Freaks of Cock

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  1. About Og Mudbone | Og Mudbone's Blog Says:

    [...] about me on About [...]

  2. Fan Says:

    Hey Muddi!
    I’m your biggest fan!!!! I watch all your videos daily and think that they’re getting better and better!
    Could you tell me how you do that? I mean these seas of sperm and stuff…
    And I’m also interested in your life- Where were you born?

    I’ll always be your fan and I
    “…gonna wipe you out, when I’m finished fucking ya!”


    Your Biggest Fan,

  3. starbaby Says:

    I’ve seen some of your movies. Can’t believe you are that big and have that much cum. I would enjoy seeing it for myself but no face shots- I may drown. If its real, that is. My husband and I go out to Vegas once in a while. How close are you to there? You want to meet and let me handle that big dick of yours and see for myself if its real? I have ‘affectionately’ named it Anaconda. Its scary but very interesting, inviting and tasty looking.
    Would really enjoy meeting you..and it. Let me know if possible.

    A fan with a burning desire,


  4. Thik Tight Latina Says:

    Im your thick sexy latina from Denver, Colorado. I had lost contact with you and would love to keep in contact with you again. My email is hernandez483202@live.com. Please know that I’m ready. You ready to stretch this teen pussy?

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